I’ve visited Washington State twice this year, and it’s probably my favorite place to visit (I’ve been traveling to Washington at least twice a year for the past three years). I just love the air, the people, the food, and just being in a place where there’s so much art and life. (I should just move there, I know.)

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Seattle.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve visited Washington twice this year (in March and in August). Here is a compilation of photos I’ve taken this year during my trips to Washington.

And here’s a list of things and places I did and saw during these trips (based on the above photos):

  1. Some pretty trees with flowers that look like cherry blossoms (but I don’t think they were?)
  2. Pike Place
  3. On top of Space Needle – I can’t believe I went all the way to the top. I’m scared of heights but I was just so amazed at the view and everything was great, I wasn’t scared at all
  4. Kerry Park – look at Mount Rainier in the background, so beautiful.
  5. Kubota Garden
  6. Alki Beach – we had some gelato and ate it by the beach it was really nice
  7. My Sister and I taking a photo for some radio station while waiting to get in the venue for the Ed Sheeran concert
  8. This short trail somewhere in Black Diamond – it was gloomy and cold but oh so beautiful. We even got to go in this cave-like thing and see the water fall off the mountain, it was great
  9. A park in Whidbey Island
  10. Snow Goose Ice Cream – the ice-cream was so massive (and massively delicious), I didn’t think I could eat it all, but of course I did. I forgot what flavor I got, but they got all kinds of flavors. They also make their own waffle cones, it all smells so delicious. And it’s really cheap to, like $4 or $5, and the ice-cream is huge, almost the size of my face
  11. Ocean Shores – we went to Ocean Shores with a bunch of our friends, and everyone thought I was crazy because I was wearing shorts. (I mean they said we were going to the beach so I wore beach attire.) But when we got there the weather wasn’t that bad and it even got sunny later towards the day. Of course I didn’t go in the water because it was super cold (and dirty) but I dipped my feet in and walked along the shore trying to find sand dollars (there were only broken ones). We grilled some oysters and just hung out. After the beach we went to get ice-cream and then we went go-karting. It was great. And the sunset going home was amazing. Everything about that day was great.

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