Okay, so I know I haven’t been on here in a while and I’m sorry. Life does this not so nice thing where it makes you wish you had more time and arms and bodies to do all the things you want to do, and then you end up doing nothing that productive. And I was doing this thing where I tried not to use/open my laptop unless I really had too, and also my laptop was being wacky.

But I’m here now. I was looking through my latest posts and I saw that I didn’t tell you about my trip to Seattle in August where I went to an Ed Sheeran concert. (Spoiler: This post is going to be about that.)

So this past August I went to Seattle to visit my sister and mainly to see Ed Sheeran live in concert. Ed Sheeran is probably my favorite artist (him and Backstreet Boys actually). He hadn’t put out a new album since 2011, and I told myself after he tour the States for his + album, that I would go back to Seattle (since he did a gig there) for his concert the next time. So since x came out and I found out he was doing another US tour I immediately went online to see the tour dates. Lo and behold Seattle was not only listed as a city he was going to but the first city to kick off the Multiply tour. I had to go.

And I did. I mean, he’s my favorite. You’re entitled to see your favorite live at least once in your life while your favorite is still making music. (And if you guys have not listen to any of Ed Sheeran’s music, please please please do. He is an amazing singer and lyricist and everything good in this world. Basically he’s awesome. And don’t be like my brother who tries to hide and deny that Ed Sheeran is awesome, because we both know he is.)

I know you’re probably thinking – flying 2,000+ miles to see a person you like sing for a couple hours in a facility where there is no such thing as personal space is not worth it. Wrong! It’s totally worth it. The chance that Ed Sheeran will do a concert in Hawaii, let alone Maui, is one to a gazillion. (I know I’m exaggerating that a bit, but you get my point.)

So the concert was nothing short of amazing. I didn’t care much about the opening act. But when Ed came on stage singing “I’m A Mess” I went crazy. He is amazing. I loved it, everything about it. I tried to get as close to the stage as possible. When somebody in the front moved to the back, I immediately squeezed through forward. I felt kinda bad for my sister, who came to the concert with me, because she would just trail behind me. There were several people that let me go in front of them after they found out I came from Hawaii (such nice people). And despite having tall boys block my view for a bit, people being in my personal space, my phone running out of storage space (I had to alternate between my phone and my sister’s), and my battery dying during his last song, I had a great time. Ed is amazing on his albums as he is live, and I love that about artists. It was just him and his guitar and it was amazing (did I mention that?). I wish he sang “Kiss Me” and “Photograph” but he sang my other favorites.

Here are some photos I took from the concert:

Ed Sheeran 8/21/14 Ed Sheeran 8/21/14 Ed Sheeran 8/21/14 Ed Sheeran 8/21/14 Ed Sheeran 8/21/14

So if you haven’t listen to Ed Sheeran’s ‘x’ yet, or ‘+’, or any of his songs for that matter, please please please do.

And if you have listen to Ed, which song is your favorite? or top 5?

If I had to choose, mine would be (in no particular order):

  1. Give Me Love
  2. Thinking Out Loud
  3. Firefly
  4. Cold Coffee
  5. U.N.I
  6. Lego House
  7. Kiss Me
  8. Take It Back
  9. So
  10. Wake Me Up

(I know that wasn’t exactly five songs, but I just couldn’t stop listing.)


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