mug shots


I went to a local thrift store this past weekend and bought these beautiful mugs. I just really love mugs so much. I wanted to get all the nice ones but sadly I couldn’t. I didn’t need more than I already had but I just had to get these ones.

The dark brown pair and cream mugs are made in Japan. Well I assume they are since Japan is written on the bottom and the ceramics of the mugs have a very Japanese style feel to them. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that little rest for your thumb. It’s amazing.


I fell in love with the green pattern of the bottom right mug. And I love the ceramic feel of both right mugs. The top right mug reminded me of the ceramics class I took in high school and how I loved making bowls and other ceramic things. And I just love the homey feel to them.

I probably have enough mugs to use a different one for a whole month (or two). But I do plan on giving the dark brown pair to someone (preferable a couple) as a gift but we’ll see.

Do you have a favorite mug you use to drink your coffee and/or tea in?


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