So as the Maui Film Festival week ends, a free movie sponsored by Whole Foods was being held on the beach near Grand Wailea. Free and movie and on the beach is some of the things I love to hear, especially if it’s said consecutively.

The movie that was showing was Slingshot. It’s a documentary sort of film. I don’t think I watch enough documentaries. I’ve watched a few in school and a few on the Discovery and National Geographic channels. Most documentaries are insightful and educational, which is why I like watching them.

I didn’t know anything about the movie before tonight and I am so glad I went to watch it. The movie is kinda about water and how this inventor, the inventor of the Segway, is trying to make clean drinking water available in places that needs it the most. It’s very interesting and reminded me that I take water for granted. It made me realize that some people, children mostly, are not as fortunate as I am to bathe and drink clean water daily and here I am refilling my cup and then spilling water all over my shirt because I am too clumsy.

I grew up and live on an island that is surrounded by water so I am very appreciative of water because I know without it I can’t live. Yet even though water surrounds me, there are still people living on the same island as I am that don’t have access to clean drinking water. There are people living on the same island as I am that needs to buy waters by the gallons because of that. And it baffles me that if there were clean drinking water accessible to everyone in the whole world, 50% of diseases would cease to exist. Water is so precious and not many people get to be as fortunate as I am to have so much access to it.

Anyways, I’m not too sure when the movie is going to be out and about to the masses for viewing, considering it was just finished producing two months ago. But please please please check it out on their website:

And here’s a picture of the sunset today before the movie started



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