Take Another Little Pizza My Heart Now Baby

Today I had a Make-It-Yourself Pizza party with my cousins! This was our third time doing something like this, and it was just as fun as the other times.

It was quite difficult to roll and shape the dough into a heart. It doesn’t really look like a heart but eh, I tried my best.

I snapped a picture of it before putting it in the oven:


It’s a pesto based pizza with mozzarella cheese, garlic, shredded fried eggplant, pineapple Portuguese sausage, mushrooms, red bell peppers, and goat cheese.


Fresh out of the oven! It smells so good and I already know it’s gonna taste ono (which means “delicious” in Hawaiian).


Now it’s cut and ready to eat! Doesn’t it look beautiful? It did taste really good and it was very fulfilling.

What kind of pizza do you like or would you make?


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