Old Navy Haul – May 3, 2014

So I went to Old Navy last weekend and bought some really good things. I know it’s like a week late, but I had so many finals this week that I just didn’t have to time to do this haul until now (well, I’m actually procrastinating on finishing my research paper due Sunday but that’s beside the point). So let’s get down to it!

These are the things I bought for myself:

Old Navy Haul 5-2014

I have been wanting to get an army jacket for some time now and I saw this one and I fell in love with it. And it was on sale! (Bonus!) I wish it had a hood but it’s still really cute and it looks really cute on me. It’s kinda funny because I don’t wear green let alone this kind of dark, army green color, but I can see myself wearing this jacket with a lot of things. And I will definitely bring this jacket on my next Mainland trip (which I hope is soon, but we’ll see).

Then I saw this really cute denim dress and when I tried it on I told myself I had to get it. I absolutely love this dress. The material is nice. The style is really modest and flattering. It has a cute brown belt AND it was on sale (you can’t go wrong with that)!

I saw this basic tee on sale and I thought, why not. It’s sorta Alexa Chung inspired. And even though it’s a bit too long for my taste, I can always tuck it in and it will look cute with the high-waisted bottoms I have. You can’t really go wrong with this tee.

So one of the workers was wearing these shoes and when I commented on them she told me that they were on sale so I went to check it out. Lo and behold they had one left in my size! Well it is a bit too big because my feet are ridiculously tiny but with socks I think they will work out. AND they have anchors on them. I’m not much of a shoe person but these are so cute and I just can’t wait to wear them.

I also bought some things for my ten-month old niece, which are not shown in this photo: three slippers, a fedora hat, and a sock money plush toy.

I had a coupon so my total for all the things I bought was about $50. Not too bad, not too bad at all.


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