My Montage Piece

So I’m taking a Photoshop & Illustrator class, and for our final project we had to make a montage. The piece needed to have something we created and imported from Illustrator, a photograph we took, a scanned/photograph of our own art work, and a photograph of ourselves.

I’m quite pleased with how mine turned out. I had a lot of ideas so it was hard to choose just one and have one consistent theme. Also, it was hard for me to choose a photograph of myself because I don’t like being in pictures and I’m not super comfortable with someone else taking portraits of me. So one morning I took several (hundred, just kidding it was like less than a hundred) self-portraits using my dSLR and my little shutter button remote control.

I created the shapes and text in Illustrator. The black and white triangles is something I drew, then scanned. Then I created a sort of double exposure with my portrait (because I didn’t want to show my actual face). The text, “Running colorful no longer just in black and white”, is a lyric from the song ‘Hiding Tonight’ by Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys.

The end product actually wasn’t what I expected, but it was nice. Really nice I think. And my teacher and the rest of my classmates really liked it so, hey I must have done something right.

So this is my montage piece:

RamosLarlene_Final-Project WEB


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