Holoholo Adventures: Father-Daughter Bonding

For those of you who don’t know Hawaiian Pidgin, holoholo means “to go out for fun; cruise.”

Today my Dad had a day-off since he has to work this Saturday, so we decided to have a little Father-Daughter bonding in Lahaina while we wait for my Mom to finish work. So off to Lahaina we went this afternoon.

First stop, Maui Jim. My Dad wanted to trade in two old Maui Jim sunglasses he had. He got one for him and another for my Mom.

Next, we went to Lahaina Outlet Mall. Now this is when the fun started. We first went to Banana Republic. There was a lot of cute things, but this is what I got:

Banana Republic haul

A white cardigan, gray jersey tank top, and anchor-printed shorts.

When I saw those shorts I immediately said I had to get it. I knew if I didn’t I would have dreams about it. Anchor-printed anything is just so nice.

Since I come from a very conservative family, I was quite hesitant to ask my Dad to get me the shorts, but to my surprise he said I could! This whole outfit cost about $40, not too bad for Banana Republic. My Dad also bought pants for work.

Okay so the thing about my Dad is that he’s really picky, especially when it comes to clothing. Once, he spent about one hour deciding on a pack of socks to buy. Anyway, he finally found a shirt he liked at Izod.

After our little shopping spree, we went to Ono Gelato for a happy ending. I forgot to take a picture of my gelato because I was so hungry. But I got Big Island Coffee Crunch and Mint Stracciatella, and my Dad got Maui Mokka and Vanilla.

You could say this post is mainly about my Banana Republic haul, and you would be right. But I am glad for the little bonding time I had with my Dad since we don’t do it very often.

I can’t wait to wear the new clothes I got! I’ll let you know how it looks.

xx Lar


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